Accounts Receivable Collections System, Second Generation—is a revenue management application that "partners" with a professional-service billing system to efficiently track and resolve unresponsive accounts.


Multilevel tracking of both Work In Progress and Accounts Receivable, an extensive selection of preconfigured and wizard-generated reports, quick to complex queries for instant access to account information with drill-down to detailed data, account-specific tracking tools (payment promises, payment plans, etc.), and automatic processing of notifications make ARCS 2G a high-powered revenue management solution.


The assignment of users to Security groups; customizable account codes; user assignments; user-defined database fields; cosmetic interest; and support for multiple payers, currencies, and locations further ensure that ARCS 2G conforms effortlessly to the demands of any financial management system—any size, any currencies, any locations.Accelerates collections and improves cash flow.


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  • Tracks WIP to anticipate and speed billing.
  • Expertly integrates with all standard billing systems.
  • Scales to accommodate any professional service firm, any size, any locations, any currencies.
  • Has unlimited aging buckets and search functionality with quick-drill down to lower-level data for extensive tracking of AR.
  • Provides Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) to demonstrate effectiveness of collection policies.
  • Provides a highly flexible user interface to maximize productivity at all levels by meeting needs of individual users, security groups and departments.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook to send email and exchange vital account information.
  • Contains a wide selection of report types, displaying account information.
  • Uses wizards to simplify creation of automatic batch processes and highly configured reports.